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Basic (Legacy) Online Catalog & Monument Designer

Design Mart's Basic (Legacy) version of the Online Catalog & Monument Designer is a nice addition to your web site.  All design catalogs are just one click away.  And with the Designer, monuments can be built from scratch, or you may choose from designs in Precious Memories, A Closer Walk, and Ties That Bind.  This basic version of our Online Catalog & Designer may be added to a web site for an additional $29 per month.

Feel free to click below to check out videos of the Basic (Legacy) version.

To learn about the NEW Online Design & Catalog please click here.

The Legacy and New versions are very different.

What's the difference between the Legacy and New version?

-  The Legacy version of the Online Designer features our three most popular books, Precious Memories, A Closer Walk, and Ties That Bind.  Our Classic Components and lots of blank shapes are also included if you want to build from scratch.  It's simple.  At the end of the design process the user emails the color rendering to you, so it's not saved anywhere.  You may save the image from your email to a folder on your computer if you'd like to be sure you have a permanent record of it.  Or copy it and paste it into a contract for your customer.  If there were accounts set up in there for saving designs, there is always a chance your competitor could log in and download your designs.

-  The Legacy/Basic version of the designer creates a color picture, whereas the Advanced version creates a color picture as well as a CAD file that is ready to cut.

-  The Legacy and New/Advanced versions of the Online Catalog are the same.  You may learn more about it at .

-  The New version works great on PCs, large display screens, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

-  If your visitor doesn't feel like designing a monument, the catalogs are there for browsing and searching.

-  With the Legacy/Basic version we can create HTML code that we (or your web designer) can incorporate into your site for the Legacy Designer & Catalog.  No login is required.  Just click the Continue To Catalog button.

-  The New/Advanced version is the $79/mo version.

-  You may connect the new version one to your web site if you'd like, but your visitor will need your User Name and Password.  We only have a couple of customers who do this, but we don't recommend it at all.  They provide the login info on their web sites.  The problem with that is: a competitor can log in, export a CAD file, and be ready to sandblast.  They can also turn on the pricing module and see what you're charging.

-  The Advanced Online Designer & Catalog is really designed to be used by an experienced memorial counselor.  All designs and components are searchable by book title, keyword, and design number.

-  CAD stencil cutting files may be downloaded from the New/Advanced Designer, as well as laser etching files.  The Basic version only produces a color image...nothing to cut or etch.

-  You may learn all about the Advanced Designer and watch helpful videos at

-  Many of our customers have both Designers.  The Basic one for the public to play with, and the Advanced one to be used by sales staff.



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