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If you're interested in a first-time website, a renovated site, or tips on how to optimize your current site for higher search engine rankings, please give us a call today.  We can get connected online and take a look at your site together.  We can even show you, on your very own computer, how easy it is to be your own webmaster!  Call toll-free 800-736-7455, and in about 10 minutes we'll show you how.

Please scroll down to see samples of recent sites we've built and hosted for our some of our clients.

Thank you for making our changes.  Looks good, thanks! We appreciate you very much and have been happy with the service.
Four Seasons Memorials
Auburn, NY

Elbert County Chamber of Commerce




Signature Stone

Signature Stone sent photos for us to include on their site, and we developed a new logo for them.  We also added the Online Catalog & Monument Designer at the bottom of their Home page to further personalize their site.  You can click the Continue to Catalog button at the bottom of their Home page to check out their Online Catalog & Designer.

Austin Stone And Monument

Shown below (left) is the new web site we designed and now host for Austin Stone And Monument.  The site features our Online Catalog & Monument Designer, which is personalized for their company.  Below (right) you will see their nice display area with a large screen where counselors and customers may browse, search and design monuments - which can be a great help in making some very important decisions.

We'd like to share an email we received from Austin Stone And Monument:

"Thank you for the awesome work on my website.  This will without a doubt help move my company in the direction I want it to go.  Aside from the website, your online design program has been a great tool for my company to implement.  I have noticed that at point of sale, a family being able to see the product they choose for their loved one exponentially increases the chances they will purchase that very day.  Attached is a picture of my consultation room showing the large screen with our web site and Online Catalog & Monument Designer.  I will also be sending you more content for my website in the weeks to follow. "

Thank you, Austin Stone And Monument !

- The Design Mart Team


Elberton Granite Association

Elberton Granite Association

We thank the Elberton Granite Association for approaching us back in the 90s when they first decided they needed a web site.  Since then the site has gone through several design changes, and the member database has been updated in addition to a granite color and name database.  These tools allow EGA members as well as monument retailers across the US and Canada to locate each other, find the type of granite they need, download designs, and check out publications.


Eaton Memorials Adds Video To Website

Eaton Memorials created a beautiful video that shows their process of educating and caring customers.  They show customers actual stones as well as a complete selection of catalogs and brochures in addition to using their Design Mart Online Monument Designer to personalize a monument for each loved one.  Click the image above to visit Eaton's site and check out their video.



Vanover Monument Company

Vanover wanted a new look for their site in a mobile friendly presentation that allowed plenty of room for Monuments, Materials, Accessproes. Buyer's Guide, Services, About, and Contact with multiple pages under some of the sections.  Visit Vanover Monument Company

Childs & Childs Granite Company

Childs & Childs Granite Company

In addition to monument retailers, cemeteries and funeral homes, we also build (and host) sites for manufacturers (or granite suppliers).  Childs & Childs Granite Company approached us with a need to reach new markets, and provide sales tools for their retailers.  Sales tools their retailers enjoy include Design Mart's Basic Online Catalogs & Monument Designer, which provides easy access to thousands of designs as well as the capability of personalizing monument designs for approval on the retail end.  Orders can be placed quicker and easier with the use of the Online Catalogs & Designer.  The company's own catalog is available for download in PDF format for Adobe Acrobat.  Childs & Childs recently told us they've already had several new retailers ordering from them because they found the company in a web search.  We always take care of meta keywords and meta descriptions, and we submit new sites to popular search engines.  All of these behind-the-scenes extras make all the difference in page ranking when potential customers are searching the web.

Reece Monuments

Reece Monument

Design Mart recently launched a new web site for Reece Monuments in New Tazewell, Tennessee. Design Mart included special features in the site including a historical page about the company, pages showing how monuments are crafted and installed, galleries displaying all of Reece' inventory according to monument size and type. The site also features a personalized Basic version of Design Mart's Online Catalog & Monument Designer.

San Gabriel Monuments

San Gabriel Monuments

San Gabriel Monuments needed a logo, and we think the design team did a beautiful job with this one.  They took a photo of a statue of St. Gabriel and placed it agains a black background to create some very nice contrast.

Madison Monuments

Madison Monuments

Madison Monuments had some nice photos to display, so our design team built a slide show module into their page to showcase their work. .

New Towamensing Cemetery

New Towamensing Cemetery

New Towamensing Cemetery just had a professional photo taken of their cemetery, and they wanted it displayed on their site.  Our design team actually made it a part of the page - from the banner to the footer!


Lee Monument Company

Lee Monument Company

Lee Monument Company already had a web site, but they wanted a new look.  We placed a slide show module on their home page as well as galleries for monuments and urns on their other pages.  Their staff and customers also have access to the Basic Online Catalog & Monument Designer.

Kentucky Monuments

Kentucky Monuments

Kentucky Monuments recently opened new offices in two new areas, so it was important to let the public know where the new offices are located.  In addition to the contact information for each office, we added helpful search engine meta information to help searchers find the company if they type in the name of a city anywhere in the area.  Kentucky Monument uses our Online Catalog & Monument Designer as well as their own brochure, which can be downloaded from their Monuments page.

Billings Family Memorials

Billings Monument

Billings Family Memorials wanted a green theme, but they didn't have a logo.  Our design team created a green theme with a light green background and dark green lettering for the company name.  They also used a photo of a beautifully carved rose in the background.  The Online Catalog & Monument Designer has helped their staff and customers make monument selections quickly and easily.

Southern Memorial Company

Southern Memorial Company

Southern Memorial Company contacted us about a way to let their customers shop their site and see some of the custom monuments they've created.  The first challenge was the domain name.  Their first choice was taken, so we helped them find a great alternative.  The second challenge was a lead generation system.  They already had a subscription to our Online Catalog & Monument Designer, but we wanted to create a way for them to know exactly who was visiting the catalog.  We built an email generator that requires a name and email address, which was connected with the login process.  Now, any time a potential customer visits their Online Catalog & Monument Designer on their Monuments page, Southern Memorial Company has an email address and name for follow-up.



Stumpff Monuments

Stumpff Monuments

Stumpff Monuments contacted Design Mart with a need for a web presence.  Many people, especially those outside their area, had been asking for a web site so they could select a monument.  Design Mart's Basic Online Catalog & Monument Designer makes it possible for those who have moved far away to visit Stumpff's web site and browse catalogs, search for a certain type of monument, personalize a monument design or even design one from scratch.  Stumpff Monuments already had a beautiful logo, and we think their choice of black and gray for their site really brings out the best in their logo and accentuates the gold lion.  Visit Stumpff Memorials at .

Deaton Funeral Homes

Deaton Funeral Homes has two locations, and they wanted visitors to be able to learn about both locations on the same web site as well as view obituary listings for each location.  They also sell monuments, so it was important that they have a selection of monuments to show their clients online.  The Basic Online Catalog & Monument Designer allows their clients and staff to browse and search catalogs as well as customize monuments with names, dates, extra carvings.  They can print from the catalogs or print or copy/paste designs into contracts for immediate client approval.

Laguna Monument Company

Laguna Monument Company

Recently Laguna Monument Company contacted us about their need for a new web site.  They really liked their site, and it was familiar in the market.  So they didn't really want to change it.  However, they wanted to be able to make changes to it by themselves.  We used their graphics, built some new graphics, worked out the nuts and bolts, and gave them a template and content management system so they could edit the site whenevery necessary.  Using the content management system is very similar to Word.  After logging in, Laguna Monument selects the page to edit, and then types text or places pictures...just like in Word.  You can check out their new site at

Silas Worth Monument Company

Silas Worth Monument

Recently Victor Worth contacted us from Silas Worth Monument Company.  He wanted to expand his web site, but he also wanted to keep it simple and easy for visitors to navigate.  He also wanted to increase his rankings in search engines, and he wanted to connect his Online Catalog & Monument Designer to it - as a resource for his staff as well as online visitors and customers.

Design Mart used some of Victor's images, created some new ones, and added helpful information about monument symbolism, monument production and design choices.  Design Mart also provided a content management system so the Silas Worth staff can make changes whenever they need to.  They found the content management system to be very similar to editing a Word document.  After logging in all they have to do is select the page they'd like to edit and then they type text and add photos...just like in Word.  With the Basic Online Catalog & Monument Designer on their Monument page the staff and customers can select monuments and create color renderings for approval.



These are only a few of the sites we have designed and hosted.  We are grateful to the many companies who trust us to host their sites and maintain them whenever they require changes.  We'd like to help you too.  Please email or call, and we'll be glad to answer questions.

Most of the sites we design and host employ our Online Catalog & Monument Designer.  Here is one of many success stories we'd like to share with you:

Rick owns a funeral home and monument company.  He called us because he needed a way to show families the many monument options that were available to them.  He was also looking for an easy way to create renderings for customer approval while they were in his office.  Rick called us back after subscribing to the Online Catalog & Monument Designer, and he told us, "I was a little embarrassed at the drawings our customers were approving."  Rick was referring to the black and white drawings that took far to long to receive from his granite supplier.

"I sold a monument with the Online Designer the same day I subscribed," Rick said. "And the drawings are 500% better than the ones we were using."  Rick even emailed us the first monument design he put together with the Online Designer (shown here).  In addition to the color image, Rick was able to forward a design summary to his supplier, which included the CAD/DMart numbers for each part of the monument.  The image, along with the design summary, makes it very easy for a granite supplier to place the monument into production.

We appreciate Rick sharing his success story with us, and we hope many other users will have a similar story to tell.  To learn more about the Online Catalog & Monument Designer please visit , where you will find features, prices, and helpful YouTube videos.  Feel free to call us any time for a free, live demo.  We'll help you run a demo on your own screen, and we'll leave you with a free user name and password so you may continue to use it by yourself.

Elbert County Public Library

Elbert County Library

Our local public library needed a site with access to state resources, e-books, etc.  We put together a site that provides lots of information at a glance, and taught them how to edit the content themselves.  Our design team also created their logo, which resembles an open book in the shape of an "E" (for Elbert) in the county's blue colors.

Elbert Memorial Hospital

Elbert Memorial Hospital

Elbert Memorial needed to save money on hosting, and they needed to bring content management in-house.  We created a nice site with a Flash header, secure areas for board members to download minutes and agendas for meetings, calendars for special events, registration forms for golf tournaments and fun runs, PayPal payment options and more.



LandMark Realty needed a site that was easy for agents to enter details about properties and provided shoppers with all the information they needed including: Agent's Name, Price, Address, Bedrooms, Bath, Kitchen, Den/Living Room, Square Footage, HVAC, Age, Porch/Deck, Lot Size, Roof Type, Water, Sewer, Comments/Description, and Directions.

Give us a call today.  We can get connected online and take a look at your site together.  We can even show you, on your very own computer, how easy it is to be your own webmaster!  Call toll-free 800-736-7455, and we'll be glad to help you get started.

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